TASK – Literacy apps

Play School Art Maker – is an app which could be used to develop various literacy skills. One might use this app to develop students oral communication skills. For example, students could create their own story using the app and then narrate it, thus supporting the development of oral communication skills. If done in pairs, this activity would also develop listening skills as children would have to listen to one another in order to respond appropriately. Further, this would promote collaboration and team work.

Toontastic – is an excellent app which allows children to develop narratives. It outlines the key elements of a narrative and allows students to gradually develop their story by working step by step on a story’s set up, conflict, challenge, climax and resolution. Further, with the creation of each element, children are asked to pick an emotion which is reflected in the scene. Once an emotion is selected, music to match this emotion is chosen. This is useful as it promotes discussion of how sounds are used to create mood in movies, videos and music. I believe this app would be particularly useful for developing students skills in narrative writing, as it outlines the specific elements of a narrative in sequential orders yet also encourages creativity.

The app was particularly easy to use and allows for student individuality by enabling students to pick their own setting and characters. It was engaging and promotes imagination by allowing children to record and narrate their own story. 



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