Lesson notes

Aim: to explore how sound can be used to build tension and evoke specific emotions

Shaun Tan The Lost Thing – book and 
short film trailer

1. Having read the book, view a selection of images to create a soundscape. Have students come up and match the sounds to images depending on what the character/s are doing or feeling. Discuss and model one first with class.

2. Once students have matched sounds with images, play the scene in its entirety. Discuss and justify selection of sounds.

3. As a class, view the trailer and comment on similarities and differences between the two. How do the different soundscapes effect your understanding of the scene?


IWB Screenshot

This activity links well with this weeks reading Higgins, Beauchamp & Miller (2007) as it demonstrates a student centred approach to teaching (something that is often forgotten). Further, without the use of an IWB, creating soundscapes as a class would be made much harder. This is an interactive and engaging activity to engage children in the use of sounds to create emotion.


Higgins, S., G. Beauchamp, and D. Miller (2007), Reviewing the literature on interactive whiteboards, Learning, Media and technology, 32(3), 213-225


One thought on “TASK- IWB

  1. Thanks Rachael, your summary of the Pericles article was very clear and comments on both blogs and the scoop it insights are really clear. Perhaps need to extend a little more on the ideas from Higgins, S., G. Beauchamp, and D. Miller and how they connect to your IWB lesson or extension ideas that go with it. Your other posts are up to date and cover set criteria – thanks! Jon

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