TASK – Greenwashing

This video, ‘Greenwashing- The Media Show’, provides a brief look at the way companies market themselves to be green or environmentally friendly. It is a child friendly video, using puppets and simple examples to analyse commercials and discuss the ways companies have used imagery to promote an environment conscious viewpoint – something that is very topical currently.

The video provides an excellent impetus for students, and classrooms alike, to address the way media is used to inform, and direct, the audience’s opinion of a company or product. Students could watch this video and then be asked to select, view and analyse a ‘green’ advertisement to determine what facts were actually presented and analyse the way imagery and audio was used to direct your opinion.

While this video is specifically related to Greenwashing, its implications are applicable to all areas of advertising and the media. It is important in this day in age, with the growing trend for digital literacies/new literacies, that we educate children explicitly about the ways media can be used to inform our viewpoint without actually providing raw facts.


To view the video, please click the link below.






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